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💦 Floatation therapy is a highly effective self care strategy for caregivers and healthcare workers, many of whom don’t always take time out for themselves.

Those working closest to the sick and injured are susceptible to secondary (and chronic) stress and anxiety disorders. Oftentimes, these caregivers do not recognize that they need to practice self-care and engage in regular restorative activities.

Floatation therapy doesn’t involve a therapist, instead you are in your own private float tank. Floating in 10 inches of skin temperature water, saturated with over 850 pounds of pharmaceutical grade epsom salt allows you to enter a state of deep mental and physical relaxation. This experience offers immediate, effective and lasting results for both mind and body.

Many caregivers and health care workers are discovering the benefits of floatation therapy. Not only are they recommending floating to their patients, but they are also taking advantage of the cumulative benefits for themselves.

Are you a caregiver or healthcare worker? Try floating for yourself and book a Float Today. 💦

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