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Enhancements & Add-Ons

Enhance your experience with a delightful add-on service.

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Float Enhancement

Feeling anxious?​  Try a pre-float Extra Strength Formula CBD hemp gummy.  These non-psychoactive gummies contain CBD plus an array of minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and fatty acids to help aid us with health and homeostasis.  *Must be 21 years of age or older.

$5    Add a 30mg CBD enhancement to a Float session (select add-on during booking)

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"Fire & Ice" CBD - Targeted Pain Treatment
Massage Enhancement

Reap the soul soothing benefits of a pain-relieving CBD-infused massage.

Jam packed with botanicals, our Full Spectrum CBD Muscle & Joint Rub delivers a soothing warming and cooling sensation from the various essential oils. With over 25 natural botanicals, it's easy to see why this is our best selling CBD topical for muscles and joints.

This powerful topical can be applied to all muscle and joints, including knees, shoulders, back, neck, and the entire body for localized effects.

​Hemp derived CBD is non-psychoactive and anti-inflammatory and has the reputation for accelerating the recovery and healing process of injured connective tissue.

$12   Add enhancement to any Signature Massage session (select add-on during booking)

Herbal Oils

Massage Enhancement

Application of therapeutic, essential oils during a massage service.  Essential oils are the vital essences of various medicinal plants used during treatment for their healing properties. 

Select from these therapeutic blends:

Relaxation:  A calming blend for a soothing and relaxing experience.  Contains essential oils of Lavender, Orange, Geranium, Cedarwood, Marjoram, Omanese Frankincense, Rose.

Energizing:  The power blend for times when you want to accelerate and excel. Contains essential oils of Spearmint, Peppermint, Rosemary, and a citrus twist of Orange, Red Grapefruit, Lemongrass.

Breathe Easy:  Nice blend to open up your airways. Contains essential oils of Sage, Hyssop, Eucalyptus, Spruce, Thyme and Myrtle.

$12    Add  enhancement to any Signature Massage (select add-on during booking)


Exfoliating Salt Scrub
Massage Enhancement

Help soothe and rejuvenate the skin on your hands or feet with our signature exfoliating salt scrub* followed by a moisturizing treatment of natural Rose body oil.  This luxurious treatment provides your skin with an abundance of vitamins and minerals, leaving you feeling nourished and refreshed.

*a sugar scrub may be substituted upon request.

$15     Add  enhancement to a Signature Massage (select add-on during booking)
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Heart Coherence Session
w/Biofeedback Technology

Add to Float, Massage or Energy Medicine*

Learn how to synchronize your heart, mind, and body to reset your composure and inner clarity, calm reactive emotions, and neutralize stress. This creates an inner state called coherence.  With practice, you’ll feel calmer and at ease – and enjoy a 'carryover effect' into your next float or massage session.

Measure and improve your coherence with real-time bio-feedback using the HeartMath Inner Balance Trainer. This self-empowering technology measures Heart Rate Variability (HRV) to tell you when you’re on the right track.

*Complimentary 10-minute session when added to a Float, Massage or Energy Medicine service. Must book separate appointment.

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Military Discount 10% (active duty, veterans, reservists & dependents).

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