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What Do I Do While I'm Floating in the Tank?

Being physically still by finding a comfortable position and remaining there combined with stilling your mind either through breath awareness or a focus word (mantra) can lead you into a state of holistic stillness. This can generate the perception of timelessness, your state of being will be extremely relaxed and this is when the body is in a state of healing.

With external stimuli at a minimum, your nervous system will turn up the volume to try and sense anything. Since there is still “nothing” coming in there is a great opportunity to simply sense whatever is left to be felt within your internal body. Feel your arms, legs, torso, head, as intensely as possible. Cultivate as much sensitivity to these parts as possible. Feel the energetic uniformed consistency of these parts and observe them without judgment, without limits. Observe your thoughts, emotions and sensations.

Don’t come into the tank with any expectations. If you have trouble relaxing at first, repetition of a focus word such as “peace”, “relax”, or “let go” spoken in your mind in unison with your breathing can help. Your breath can be an amazing tool for calming the mind and relaxing the body. The overall goal is to help you let go and be present.

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