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Float Creations - Artist Program

The purpose of the Float Creations Artist Program  is to nurture personal transformation and inspiration by supporting creative expression in all forms.

Jax-Zen founders, Jason & Jina Daniels, have personally experienced the profound affect that floating can have on the creative process.  We  implemented the Float Creations - Artist Program to share this experience with other artists and musicians.

The Float Creations - Artist Program provides float sessions in exchange for creating art or music. Upon completion of program, artist may be eligible for on-going discounted floats through the Artist Membership.

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Artist Program

Float Creations Gallery

Float Goddess by Roxanne Walis

"Float Goddess", 12x 27 original digital print to metal by Roxanne Wallis. $250. “ALL things are of intrigue to someone; it is all wonderful. My aim is to highlight, refocus, and capture the wonder of the commonplace.”

“Silent Metamorphosis” by Presley Lane

"Silent Metamorphosis" by Presley Lane. $675. "Inspired by the the floats that have helped me achieve total transformation. Flotation therapy catapults me into deep meditation through the elimination of all distraction. The cocoon and the butterfly wings represent the beauty of the change that occurs when you grow closer to your higher self and your inner peace. Still partially submerged, the subject is immersed in a deeply spiritual experience that transcends the physical act of floating."

Eli Childers

Acrylic painting by Eli Childers. (Sold)

Sadara Evans

Watercolor painting by Sadara Evans (Sold)

Daniel Johnson
Amber Helsel

Fluid pour painting by Amber Helsel. (Sold)

Jina Daniels

"Quiet Your Mind" by Jina Daniels (Sold)

Float Combos.png


Open to visual artists* working in all media.


Application Process:

1) Review the Artist Program Agreement (we will sign this together if you are selected) 

2) If the agreement looks good, send us an email with the following:

  • description of your work (include photos and/or links to your website/social media, etc)

  • tell us why you want to participate in this project

3) we'll schedule a meeting to see if it's a good fit for everyone

*We are actively working on a version of this program for musicians.  If you are interested, please complete the above process and we will be in touch.

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