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It’s more important than ever to make sure our immune system is functioning properly. One particularly beneficial thing we can do to boost your immune system — 💦 Floatation Therapy!

One of the primary effects of float therapy is a decrease in stress and anxiety. This sense of relaxation, in turn, helps to bolster one’s immune system.

Floatation therapy and immune function has been studied for decades. In a 1983 study, neuroendocrinologist John Turner and psychologist Thomas Fine showed that floatation-REST lowers epinephrine (adrenaline) and cortisol, two hormones that alter the immune system’s operations. As journalist Michael Hutchison wrote in his seminal 1984 work, The Book of Floating, “High levels of cortisol have been linked to a number of ailments. They depress the body’s immune system [and] increase the effects of adrenaline on body tissues.”

In his presentation at the 2018 Float Conference, Ph.D. candidate and researcher M.C. Flux breaks down the biochemical reactions that occur when we enter the fight-or-flight stage and how that triggers an immune response. In short, the body’s stress-response system is designed to self-regulate. But when stressors are constantly present, the fight-or-flight reaction stays on. The resulting overexposure to stress hormones can lead to a decrease in immune function and, therefore, an increased risk of myriad health issues, both mental and physiological.

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💦 Although we may not be able to avoid all of life's stressors, we can change our approach to managing stress. By making floatation therapy a regular part of your wellness routine, you can help to ease stress and anxiety.

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