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Therapeutic Spa Services


Himalayan Salt Mineral Polish

A full-body massaging Himalayan salt treatment that helps to soften skin while replenishing the body with vital trace nutrients. 


Anyone suffering from dull skin, physical fatigue and lethargy, and/or simply needing an electrolyte boost will benefit from this sensory stimulating treatment. 

$155   90-minute session

$185  120-minute session

Ayurvedic Lift

An aromatic and rejuvenating upper body (décolleté, shoulders, neck, face, scalp, arms & hands) massage treatment for increased hydration, nutrient absorption, and skin revitalization.  Cranial massage increases energetic flow to the scalp and hair follicles, promoting a relaxed mind and healthy hair growth.


Ideal massage for anyone suffering poor circulation of the scalp, headaches, sinus discomfort, and upper-body tension.

 60-minute session     $135

 90-minute session     $155

Head Massage

Thai Reflexology Leg & Foot Massage

Acupressure massage applied to the legs and feet to revitalize the soul and soles.  Massage includes a Therapeutic Foot Bath, followed by a stimulating Himalayan salt treatment to relieve muscle aches in legs and foot fatigue.  


Ideal for anyone who stands or sits for prolonged periods, suffers from restless leg syndrome, and/or just likes a good foot rub.

 60-minute session     $135

Therapeutic Foot Bath w/ Hemi-Sync®

Enjoy Hemi-Sync®'s meditative sound frequencies while soaking your feet in a luxurious blend of Natural Sea Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Epson Salt and Pure Therapeutic Grade Organic Essential Oils (does not include massage).

A perfect add-on to any massage or float.  May also be scheduled as a stand-a-lone service.

 30-minute session     $39

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