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The Connection Between Mind, Body, and Spirit

Mind-body-spirit means that our wellness comes not just from physical health, but from mental health and spiritual health as well.  A holistic approach to well-being involves bringing these three aspects of the self into balance to create coherence and health.


A Healthy Mind

Our minds are the mental and emotional aspects of ourselves, responsible for our beliefs, thoughts, and actions. Having a healthy mind gives us clarity, while mental imbalance or illness can cause physical sickness in the body. 


A Healthy Body

A healthy body gives us strength, vitality, and energy. Our physical health also influences our mood and mental/emotional well-being.


A Healthy Spirit

The spirit or soul is that intangible part of ourselves, our essence. Spiritual well-being is the maturation of higher consciousness, a sense of purpose and being connected to something greater than ourself.

Integrating All Aspects of the Self in Holistic Wellness

Facilitating a healthy mind-body-spirit includes nurturing the heart-brain connection (heart coherence).  When we are in a state of coherence, the heart, mind, and emotions are in energetic alignment and cooperation, there is no separation between mind-body-spirit.  When all aspects of the Self are in harmonious balance, we are living in a state of wholeness that puts us into a healing state for ourselves and others.


Mind, body and spirit are the components that collectively define our human existence. At Jax-Zen, we strive to provide a safe space for you to nurture your health holistically and reach your true potential of well-being and vitality.  Click here to learn more about our offerings.

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Kristi D.

AMAZING. I was pretty apprehensive and intimidated before my first float. My float was fantastic, relaxing, and peaceful. My second float was even better. My third float was the absolute best!"

Courtney M.

Absolutely amazing! The best massage I’ve ever had in my life hands down! I’ve been calling and telling everyone about how amazing the experience was! The staff here is phenomenal and so welcoming. When I walked in, the environment was so peaceful and everything I needed! You won’t regret it! All of their services they have to offer are great and you can’t go wrong. I will definitely be back! Count me in as a regular!"

Philander P.

"This place is beyond amazing, I really  loved my experience. The staff there is very friendly, amazing and very knowledgeable about the business and service provided. I did my first session in deprivation tank. Again, what a experience. I'm definitely returning back here, I really enjoyed it. Thanks again for the amazing experience."
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