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Pregnancy Massage

A deeply comforting and relaxing massage catered for mothers-to-be after their 1st trimester*​

90-minute session $155

*please check with your physician before scheduling a massage during pregnancy.

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

The ancient Asian art of “back-walking” and massaging using the therapist’s bare feet.  The therapist is able to direct his/her full bodyweight into areas of muscle tension and facilitate deeper pressure applications via gravity-assistance. 


The healing art of ashiatsu facilitates an overall increase of energetic flow, induces greater relaxation of the physical body, and restores a mind/body state of Zen-like balance.  For anyone experiencing chronic muscle tension and/or seeking holistic pain treatment, an ashiatsu massage has the potential impact of receiving multiple massages within one session.

 90-minute session     $155

120-minute session    $185

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Thai Massage

Thai Nuad Bo-Rarn or “the healing way” consists of clothed, assisted stretching and massage using rhythmic compressions and gentle rocking to release myofascial constrictions and to decrease muscular tension, which contribute to restricted movements of the body. 


Thai massage facilitates both circulatory and energetic flow as well as aids in restoration of overall fluidity of myofascial and bodily movement. Perfect for anyone feeling restricted in movement, suffering limited range of motion, and/or seeking a gentle, yoga-like stretching of their entire body.

90-minute session    $155

120-minute session    $185

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