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Healing Sound Bath

$69 - $88


Healing Sound Bath

Immerse yourself in sound as you embark on a journey towards relaxation, clarity, and revitalization. 

During your one-an-one session, a skilled sound healer will curate a personalized sonic experience utilizing singing bowls and other melodic instruments.  Soothing vibrations and harmonious frequencies will guide you to a state of profound tranquility.

Pricing Options

$69    Zen Club Members 

$88    Non-Members

Additional Enhancements/Add-Ons

Add up to two friends to enjoy our private sound experience with you for only $20 each.

Those who regularly utilize Reiki, Massage and Floatation therapies in their wellness programs enjoy the greatest benefits. Our flexible Zen Club Membership makes it easy for you.  Learn more about our monthly Wellness Programs.

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