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Tiger Eye-The Inner Strength Stone

Healing Crystals 101

This Thursday Jan. 25th is the first Full Moon of the year, the Full Wolf Moon in Leo. A great crystal ally to work with this full moon is Tiger Eye.

As the first full moon of the year, the Wolf Moon ushers in transformation, change, and introspection. Much like the wolf, it is also a time of courage, determination, energy, and motivation. When you're getting ready to take on and tackle the new year, this is the full moon you want to focus on.

The Wolf Moon brings with it the hunger for new desires. You're now feeling ready for something new and exciting. You feel determined to get exactly what you're looking for in the new year. This is a time for new leaders to emerge and new ground to be broken. {crystalvaults]

Tiger Eye is an excellent stone for the Wolf Moon. A stone of Self Esteem! Brings self worth, integrity & the ability to find ones inner strength. Stabilizes moods and increases will power. Promotes confidence.


Zodiacs: Leo, Capricorn

Planets: Sun

Elements: Fire, Earth

Chakras: Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root

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