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Emerald, The Eternal Love Stone

Emerald is the stone of love, compassion, healing, and abundance. Emerald is a life-affirming stone and one of infinite patience. It is known as the stone of successful love and represents great loyalty and integrity.

Emerald is a crystal of the heart, alleviating heaviness in the emotional field and nourishing the aura with an energy of hope, encouragement, gentleness and abundance. It heals heartbreak and gives the strength needed to overcome the misfortunes of life, clearing away negative patterns of victimization and loss of personal power by strengthening the physical and emotional heart centers. It is a stone of regeneration and recovery, bringing in freshness and vitality, love and compassion – for the self as well as for others. [Ahsian, 148-149]

A stone of aspiration and inspiration, Emerald opens the heart, clearing and strengthening one’s connection to Divine Love, and sustaining one in their spiritual journey. It encourages one to live and act from the heart, offering unconditional love and compassion in daily life and relationships, and to be open to receive love from others. [Simmons, 148]


Zodiacs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini

Planets: Venus

Elements: Water

Chakras: Heart

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