Float Creations - Artist Program

The Float Creations mission is to nurture personal transformation and inspiration by supporting creative expression in all forms.



Jax-Zen founders, Jason & Jina Daniels, have personally experienced the profound affect that floating can have on the creative process and have implemented the Float Creations - Artist Program to share this experience with other artists and musicians.

The Float Creations - Artist Program provides float sessions in exchange for creating art or music. Upon completion of program, artist may be eligible for on-going discounted floats through the Artist Membership.

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Float Creations Gallery

Float Creations Artists


Open to visual artists working in all media.


Application Process:

1) Review the Artist Program Agreement (we will sign this together if you are selected) 

2) If the agreement looks good, send us an email with the following:

  • description of your work (include photos and/or links to your website/social media, etc)

  • tell us why you want to participate in this project

3) we'll schedule a meeting to see if it's a good fit for everyone

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Artist:  Eli Childers

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