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Floatation Therapy

Float Sessions

$49 - $88

90 minutes

Float Sessions

Floating allows you to enter a state of deep mental and physical relaxation. The water in each float tank is about 10 inches deep and saturated with 850-1000 pounds of pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt creating an anti-gravity environment. The temperature of the water is heated to the same temperature as the surface of your skin, resulting in the sensory loss of the physical boundary between the water and your skin. This experience is designed to give your mind and body a state of blissful rest.

​Benefits range from pain relief and stress reduction to improved focus and mental clarity, Floating has attracted the interest of athletes, artists, meditators, and military personnel as a healthy, drug-free way to feel and be their very best.

Each float session is scheduled for 90 minutes. Session time includes: Orientation for first-time float, pre-float shower. The rest of the time in the float tank.

Pricing Options

$49    Float Club Members
$69    Zen Club Members
$69    First Time Float

$88    Non-Members

$135  3-float Starter Series (new customers only and not shareable/transferable)

Not sure which pricing option is right for you?  No problem, you don't have to decide until AFTER your session!

Additional Enhancements/Add-Ons

- Consider adding a CBD enhancement to your float!
- Floatation Therapy pairs well with Massage, consider a Float + Massage Combo Package.

Those who regularly utilize Reiki, Massage and Floatation therapies in their wellness programs enjoy the greatest benefits. Our flexible Zen Club Membership makes it easy for you.  Learn more about our monthly Wellness Programs.

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