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Jina Daniels

Owner, Master Reiki Practitioner/Teacher, Creative Flow Coach & Resilience Mentor

Jina Daniels is a Life Artist passionate about sharing the process of self discovery and personal transformation through Creativity, Reiki, Yoga and Heart Coherence techniques. She is the founder of heARTflow Creative, co-founder of Jax-Zen Healing Arts Center, The CommUnity Canvas Art Studio & Kidi-Zen Art Camps located in Jackson Mississippi’s Midtown Arts District. 

* Certified Creatively Fit Coach
* Certified Master Practitioner and Teacher
* Certified Reiki Mississippi™ Professional Practitioner
* HeartMath® Certified Practitioner
* Coherence Hotspot Leader
* Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT200)
* Artist Fellow, Live.Impact.Create

Jina Daniels
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