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Serpentine, the Independence stone

Spring forward with confidence, trusting your own judgement with Serpentine. Atlantisite and Infinite Stone are 2 well known forms of serpentine. Serpentine helps us access our Kundalini Energy which is an ancient Tantra teaching that involves a vibration that sits at the base of our spine. While dormant, this energy is believed to be coiled up, much like a serpent. This inner power is accessed through realms such as deep meditation, the use of Serpentine crystals, and yoga. Once released, an effect known as a Kundalini Awakening will begin to take place. When experiencing this great awakening you may feel more in-tune with yourself and notice signs of your inner intuition come to life. (crystalcouncil) Serpentine is soothing to the emotional body, allowing you to release your fear of change and hardship so that you are able to look ahead to the future with expectation and excitement. Overall, Serpentine is capable of realigning our entire chakra system and acts as a driving force in altering our current life path. Associations: Zodiacs: All Planets: Earth Elements: Earth Chakras: All of them


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