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Our solution is checked and balanced daily with strict chemistry metrics. Before and after each float, the float tank solution goes through a rigorous sanitation process:

  • First the water surface is skimmed and treated with food grade hydrogen peroxide to supplement sanitation and oxidation process.

  • Then it travels through a swimming pool type 10-micron filter to remove any particulate matter.

  • Next, the water circulates through an eco-friendly, ultraviolet disinfectant chamber where the UV-C germicidal lamp immediately inactivates 99.9% of micro-organisms.

  • The entire volume of water is turned over 5-7 times after each user before it making it’s way back into the tank, providing a clean floating environment with zero harmful by-products.

  • Furthermore, the saltwater solution is naturally sanitary; the combination of the high concentrations of Epsom salt and a residual amount of hydrogen peroxide make it inhospitable for any microorganisms to survive.

  • Fresh, filtered water and salt are continuously reintroduced into the solution, ensuring the entire volume is replaced over a period of ten weeks.

Keeping the Float Tank solution sanitary and safe is a top priority to allow you to just relax and enjoy your floating experience.

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