Combos & Spa Packages

The perfect gift for your someone special!  Save 10-20% on our combos & spa packages.  Don't see the combo you are looking for?  Build your own Spa Package and save 10%.  Discount will be applied at the time of services.

Float + Massage Combo

Enjoy the ultimate experience of a relaxing massage BEFORE or AFTER your float with this FLOAT+MASSAGE combo package. 

90-minute Float + 60-minute Monthly Massage ($140 value)
$ 99    Members
$125   Non-Members
90-minute Float + 90-minute Massage ($175 value)
$125   Members
$150   Non-Members

Spa Package #1



  • 90-minute Floatation Therapy Session

  • 60-minute CBD Infused Signature Massage w/BioMat ehancement

  • 30-minute Amethyst BioMat w/Hemi-Sync

$150   ($208 value)

Spa Package #2



  • 90-minute Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage
    90-minute Floatation Therapy Session

$175 ($220 value)

Spa Package #3


  • 30-minute Therapeutic Foot Bath w/Hemi-Sync

  • 60-minute Ayurvedic Lift 

  • 90-minute Floatation Therapy session

$175 ($244 value)

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